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Digital Service of Process

A modern solution for process servers, registered agents, lawyers, and the court system by streamlining due process. Ensure your process serving needs are met quicker and with increased security and success rate with Digital Service of Process.

What is digital service of process?

First off, service of process is the the legal action of notifying parties or their involvement or required action pertaining to a legal case. Traditionally, process service is done in person, with a professional process server physically handing papers to a registered agent or the individual themselves.

Digital service of process is notifying parties of their involvement in a legal case through trusted and secure digital software. The intent and results are the same as traditional service of process. However, DSOP (digital service of process) creates a solution for the modern technology world.

How it Works

Upload & Send

Securely upload your service documents that need to be served and as well the case and recipient information. Once information is confirmed, send the recipient an email and waiver.

Waive & Download

The recipient will waive the right to physical service, e-sign their name to prove they have the authority to accept the documents, and download the legal paperwork onto their device.

Confirm & Finalize

The initiator (process server) can see the time and IP address of the recipient's actions to confirm service success. The server can then finalize an affidavit for their client.

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Our DSOP software is launching soon. Contact us with any questions and to make sure you are the first to be alerted when digital service of process is possible.

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Our Technology


Since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, remote work has taken precendent in all industries. Our software allows process servers to remotely serve paperwork, and registered agents to accept paperwork remotely.


All transactions are digital: from alerts, waiver, signatures, and affidavits. These digital transactions make keeping records and generating invoices easier than everbefore. No more data-input!


Rest easy knowing that your internal information is safe and secure. By tracking IP addresses of those accepting paperwork, there's another level of reassurance in confirming who downloaded the documents.

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